When you feel powerful what are you wearing?




In support of a variety of customers, we offer several unique options to aid your styling needs.

Below are options, however if you're looking for something different please email at mycallakeem.riley@gmail.comand we are more than happy to accommodate you.

All style options are offered on a sliding scale basis depending on client access.

Note: MOST styling services begin with an in-person consultation starting at $25.00

To set up an appointment please email me at mycallakeem.riley@gmail.com


Closet Consult



Large scale wardrobe re-imagining focused mostly on clients current clothing selection. Particularly useful for clients looking to transition their style due to career or major life change.


Thrifted Liberation



Styling solely through thrifted items.  Due to the unique nature of thrifting finds, this may take additional time and skill. Useful for clients looking for more affordable options.


Online Liberation



Styling specifically through online retailers. This option is useful for individuals whom are privy to retailers fit and sizing.


Style Liberation



An in-depth two-hour consultation focusing on honing your unique style. Useful for individuals working to have a better sense of their style, have felt limited by "traditional" fashion rules/tropes